Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saroj Photo Album....!!!!

This is my photo album in my own website.
Thanks guy for visiting my website
Moon is in my bosom & I'm praying to god.

I'm going  LandMark.....!!!

This picture is in budha subba temple morang nepal & He is my friend.




They are friend from philippines.....!!!

I'm in front of asian cup stadium.    


We are one group of player football....!!!

I'm giving to hunting south korea...!!

We are office staff in company & they are my friends from philippine.

I'm staying beside of office...!!!

I'm little hide in tree near of sea...!!!

I'm in Bijaipur knobstick of Dharan...!!!

This picture is in Budha Subba temple of Dharan...!!!

This is the our night picnic with friends near of villague.....!!!

I'm in Morang Kerabari with my niece...!!!

I'm with my friend,we are near of sea in midnight...!!

He is the safety officer from England...!!

I'm with korean and sudanese..!!!

When we was in asian cup studiam.